Fighter Rob Sullivan

Lately I've been itching to get out and shoot more Photojournalism.  My goal was to find someone I can spend a few hours with an just photograph them doing whatever and I did just that. I contacted a few people and my good fiend Robin recommended me to a Fighter named Rob Sullivan. 

Rob Sullivan is a MMA fighter from Essex,Maryland. Rob currently has a record of 3-1 and plans to improve his record with his next upcoming fight in Rhode Island in March.

The time I spent photographing him was interesting because I've never tried anything like this before. I didn't know what was to be expected but whatever it was I planed to capture it through images. The action was very fast paced but it kept me moving and trying to predict what was going to happen next. Big thanks to Rob Sullivan and the Baltimore BJJ for allowing me to do this.

You can find Rob Here.