Photographing Vince Mosca

Vince Mosca sparing with opponent 

The last month and a half has been very exciting for me. I recently decided to take on a personal project since my friend Robin Panguia got me connected with a Fighter named Vince Mosca. I told Vince about what I wanted to do and he was definitely excited to be apart of the project.

Vince practicing a takedown

Since the end of March I've been photographing Vince when he trains at Baltimore Brazilian Ju-jitsu in Essex,Maryland. Vince was training for his upcoming fight that was approaching on April 26,2014. My goal was to document his progression until the fight. Every session was a little different so I didn't know what to expect.

My favorite part about this project is I honestly challenged myself to get something different every time and I think I accomplished that goal. The work and dedication that Vince puts into his craft is very inspiring to me. Big thanks to Vince Mosca, Rob Sullivan and Baltimore Ju-jitsu for allowing me to do this project. Be sure to check out the all photos at